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Hai Yun Date: 11 March 2011
Customer review Ratings:

I would like to thank the staff at bioskin tampines outlet for the dependable and thoughtful service provided. The staff there was very warm and friendly. I would specially like to thank Vel and Lucy as they were very professional and meticulous in providing the facial treatment. They would often check to make sure that I was comfortable. They were very patient in answering m inquiries. I specially appreciate the information and advice they have provided. Just want to let you know how much I appreciate the extra care and effort they have put in providing such excellent service.

Shafiqah - Date: 04 February 2011
Feedback Ratings:

I am a 16 years old student and it is common for teens my age to experience drastic hormonal changes. As for me, I had massive outbreaks of acne quite regularly. Bioskin's advertisement caught my attention and after hearing positive feedbacks from my aunt, I decided to give it a shot. I went to the Bioskin's Tampines outlet for a free consultation. I was amazed at how the people there greeted me. One of the consultants, Vel, provided me with a free consultation and recommended me to try the Bio O2 Light Infusion Therapy. I could see visible results after the forth treatment :) The therapist, Lucy, is gentle when handling the equipments too. Even though there was a language barrier between us initially, Lucy took the initiative to learn English form her peers. I was completely impressed! Now, I look forward to the rest of my treatments and I'm sure I'll be able to be beautiful again.

Allan Lim Date: 24 November 2010

I have been a customer of Bioskin since 1997 starting with Demobrasion treatmet. I have tried others beauty saloons and choose to come back to Bioskin for 2 reason - Professionalism in recommending treatment and excellent products knowledge.

Consultant like Jasmine of Raffles outlet has been giving me good advise on the treatment packages and Beauty Therapist like Shinn of Taminess for her excellent working atitude, service and advise on how to take care of my face after every golf game.


Along with this text message is my applause and gratitude for the wonderful job your staff have done. Keep up the good work!


May today's success be the beginning of tomorrow's achievements.

Congratulations for being awarded the "Spirit of Enterprise Award 2010".

Eunice A Date: 24 November 2010
Feedback Ratings:

Thank you for your effective skin therapies which has greatly improved my skin problems! I am fortunate to be treated by Cookie at your Tampines One outlet. Cookie is a gentle and conscientous therapist who never fails to administer treatments thoroughly. She would always make it a point to ensure that I am most comfortable and at ease during the sessions.

Cookie's service is deserving of praise as she sincerely takes pride in her work! Her professional skills and endeasing personality are the main reasons that keeps me coming back!


I am also most thankful to Chindy, who is my consultant at Tampines One.

She is not only warm and friendly, but also very caring and attentive. Her outgoing personality livens the atmosphere, making Bioskins a very welcoming place to be in! Chindy has also never fall short of understanding my needs and offering me the best solutions to my skin problems!


All in all, thank you Cookie and Chindy for your great efforts in rendering me an awesome experience at Bioskin!

Belinda Li Date: 15 August 2010
Complimentary Ratings:

I have always been skeptical abt facial commercials. The hard selling of packages by therapists and consultants have always put me off on many occasions till I found Bioskin. I have since then been a follower of Bioskin.


I must say there is never hard selling or pushy consultants. Every facial sessions is really relaxing and I look forward to my monthly session with Bioskin.


Kudos to the team at Tampines branch. They have never fail to make me feel at ease. Especially to Chindy who is always friendly yet professional in handling my queries. Also to my therapists, Cookie and Irene, with their skillful hands, always make me feel I'm in safe hands!

I always finish my session looking radiant and prettier :)


Keep up the good job ladies!

Yong Kai Jie Date: 12 August 2010
Tampines 1 Ratings:

I would like to commend the the staffs of bioskin outlet at Tampines 1 namely, Chindy Toh and Cookie Tan.


Chindy Toh is a professional consultant and recommends good products and treatments for me.

Cookie Tan is a skillful therapist and does the treatments effectively for me.


Overall i am quite pleased with the staffs at Tampines 1 outlet as they are very friendly and professional in their work.

Wen Jie - Date: 30 June 2010
Testimonial Ratings:

It has been a pleasant journey for me with BioSkin for nearly 2 years.

I'm very impress with the results whenever I go for a treatment.

I enjoy the service rendered by your staffs and it has urged me to email you to inform you about the excellent services brought to me by your fellow colleagues.


First of all, I will like to thank Pink & Adeline for their warm hospitality, making me feel at home.

Their professional advice and knowledge of products make me feel comfortable.


Next, I will also like to thank my consultant Jean for her jumour, generosity and on top of that, the great service provided.

She knows how to make her customer smiles everytime.


And I will like to thank most, my beauty therapist, Ice Ten, for the effort she has put into taking care of my face. I very much enjoy her skills and technique while applying products on my face.

I've since done about 20 times of P2X treatment, and she has been by my side every week to look after my face. She's friendly, bubbly and attentive.

She remembers what everyone of her customers' needs are and she always makes sure that she meets them. What makes her stand out from other therapists is that she will go the extra mile in providing professional advice for her customers and also making sure her customers get the best results after every treatment.


Last but not least, I would like to thank Vernni for introducing such a wonderful package to me.


I like to thank again Vernni, Pink, Adeline, Jean & Ice for their unconditional love, care and wonderful service.

They are certainly excellent staff who will contribute to the success of your company!

Wendy Kuah Date: 07 June 2010
Warm Smiles, Experienced Therapist, Comfortable/Relaxing Environment @ Bioskin AMK Ratings:

It may seem a hassle to people when they have to travel for 45mins from Hougang to Amk for just a facial treatment. But to me, all the hassle are worth the effort. It is not just a facial treatment buy also an enjoyable trip. To make this happens, the credits should goes from the counter staff to the excellent trained therapist.

I would like to take this opportunities to complement three of your beauty consultants, namely Karen Tang, Celine (have been transferred to other branch) and Wency and a special thanks to my 'one and only' therapist, Agnes.

I loves all the greetings, warm smile and the detailed explanation/consultation upon stepping into Bioskin AMK outlet. They are very professional in handling all the enquiries that I have raised and have the patient in explaining the enquiries with a smile.

As for Agnes, I been requesting for her to handle my facial treatment after my 3rd appointment. Agnes, is a very well trained therapist. She is very gentle on my face, a very observant person and remembers all the little details, which I mention to her during the treatment. For example, my eyes are quite sensitive to light, so when I am having my TOUCH treatment. She makes an extra effort to put one more layer of cotton pad over my eyes to make me feel more comfortable. I just need to mention to her ONCES and she remembers it the enxt time. Although I have been using her for quite some time, Agnes will still continue to let me know the steps she will be doing next. I also find her very sociable and able to communicate with me almost everything under the sun.

After all the treatments from Bioskin, I can see improvement on my face.

Thumbs UP to you, Bioskin and all the staff of AMK.

Wendy Kuah Date: 22 April 2010
Testimonial for both Esther Ng & Evangelyn Yee (Toa Payoh Branch) Ratings:

Esther Ng is one pretty and friendly Consultant who never fail to greet me by my name with a bright smile each time I go for my session. She has never force any products or services upon me. I appreciate this as I do not think I will continue to patronise Bioskin if I have a Consultant is always urging me to buy or try their new products/services. Having said that, I am not saying that Esther did not try to garner new sales for Bioskin, because I have already renewed my package at elast once so far and it is partly due to her. :)


Evangelyn Yee came highly recommended by my twin sister, Alexis Kuah who is also a customer of Bioskin. And after attended by Evangelyn, I can see why. First of all, she will greet me with a smile and bring me personally upstairs to the treatment room. I always like to weigh myself before the start of each session and Eve will always wait patiently next to me. She also will help with the removal of my necklace and help me to wear back after each session. I am impressed with her knowledge of the products and the analysis & suggestions given to me with regards to the conditions of my skin at times. She will also check on the temperature of the room to make sure I am comfortable. Evangelyn is the main reason why I am still a customer of Bioskin.


In short, I am very happy with the friendly & professional attitude of both Esther Ng & Evandelyn Yee.

Kim Chiang Yuen Loong Date: 10 March 2010
Feedback to BIOSKIN Ratings:

I'm one of the 933 audiences and contest for Bioskin P2X.

As comprehend, usual price for P2X treatment is $500++. Only $88 I spend for this wonderful treatment as I'm joining for the contest. I had paid a visit to Ang Mo Kio Bioskin branch for enjoying this treatment on yesterday. I've been served by Florence Chan (Asst Branch Manager), May Ang & Toh Lai Tend. Here to appreciating what they do for me, it's really a good service. It does accurately make a good impression to customer even visitor.

There provide good lighting, harmonies surrounding, friendly service, and professional skill. I'm glad to be one have this wonderful opportunity on posses this treatment. I'm here to appreciating who serving me. And I'm expected to visit again. I'm here wishing Bioskin and stuff much successfully in coming future.

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