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Common FAQ on Acne

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1. Why does adult also have acne? Isn't it a teenager problem?

Adult have acne for multiple reasons. Hormonal imbalance is not uncommon like in teenager. Mismanagement of stress, sleep, lifestyle and exposure to unnecessary amount of heat n humidity. Rarely, adult female acne can be a manifestation of polycystic ovarian syndrome.


2. Once I am treated and recovered from acne, will it recur again?


Acne cannot be cured but can be managed. Recurrence is always possible as long as you are not menopause or andropause where androgenic hormones are minimally present or hypo active.

Treatment like Bio P2X is clinically proven to manage acne relatively well, but recurrence due to lifestyle mismanagement cannot be managed by any therapist except the acne sufferer himself or herself.


3. Should I squeeze my acne?

Acne squeezing will hasten the resolution of acne but will have high chances of lousy outcome such as scarring or postinflammatory hyperpigmentation. So pick your choices....


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