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About Bioskin Stem Cell Collagen Drink

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Bioskin Stem Cell Collagen Drink

Achieve outstanding results with this simple, noninvasive collagen replacement drink.


Taking their cues from the belief that beauty comes from within Bioskin has created a revolutionary way to replace the collagen your skin loses as you age.  It is a known fact that we need to ensure that our internal system is hale and hearty so as to attain healthy skin and body. Facial and slimming treatments can cure the visible symptoms but if we have accumulated a lot of toxins in our body without treating it using the proper supplements, our system will continue to be unhealthy and the same visible problems will just keep recurring.


The reviews say it all; ours is the best collagen drink on the market

Unlike many others, Bioskin Stem Cell + Collagen utilizes premium and beneficial ingredients to give you maximum results. Other than collagen and stem cells, the drink contains at least 10 other main ingredients that will have a huge beneficial impact on your skin and health. By detoxifying and strengthening your body’s natural regenerative capabilities this drink not only works to replace the collagen your body loses as you age, but it also optimizes your physical health.


800x more effective than CoQ10, 6000x greater than Vitamin C and 550x more powerful than Green Tea Catechins.


Specially formulated by Bioskin and wholly made in Japan, Bioskin Stem Cell + Collagen drink only contains premium healthy ingredients with no added sugar or artificial flavours. The reviews say it all, Bioskin is the best collagen drink on the market as it repairs your skin from within using a revolutionary formula which will shave years off your look and leave you with a smooth, glowing visage.

To learn more about this drink, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 6222 6777 or by making an appointment at one of the Bioskin branches.


Results vary based on the individual.



"The Solution to Troubled Skin"     •     "The Solution to Ultimate Body"    •     "The Reliable Hair Solution"