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Where is Absolute Miracle Essence made in?


Absolute Miracle Essence is a product of Switzerland.


Why is Absolute Miracle Essence kept in capsules?


Using the Vegicaps® unit dose technology, each capsule keeps Absolute Miracle Essence stabilized until it is opened and controls the amount used per application, ensuring the properties of all the ingredients are kept intact and high-performing for the most optimum results.


What is Microsponge® Technology?


Microsponge® Technology is a unique delivery technology which offers controlled release of active ingredients, and gently transports pure Vitamin A into the skin where wrinkles develop, to help reduce the signs of aging and sun damage. Moreover, it offers enhanced therapeutic efficacy and potential reduction in side effects.



Why does Absolute Miracle Essence contain Retinol (Pure Vitamin A)?


Absolute Miracle Essence contains 0.15% Retinol, which is clinically proven to be able to produce very good results. As Vitamin A cannot be synthesized by the body, it needs to be supplied to the body. Research has shown that Retinol has strong positive effects on collagen metabolism, thus delaying the aging process. Furthermore, it is also recognized as a treatment for acne.


Benefits of Retinol include:


·         Smoothing skin texture and wrinkles

·         Protecting skin from free radical damage

·         Stimulating collagen production

·         Unclogging pores

·         Improving the ravages of sun damage such as sun spots

·         Reducing blemishes and acne outbreaks


However, do kindly note to avoid using products containing Retinol if you are pregnant or have burnt skin.


How should I include Absolute Miracle Essence into my skincare routine?


For best results, we recommend using Bioskin Brightening Serum together with Absolute Miracle Essence.


Research has shown that low amounts of Retinol paired with other antioxidants such as Vitamin C helps protect the skin against UV damage when worn under a broad-spectrum sunscreen during the day.


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