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About Bioskin Medical+ Hair Prosthesis (MHP)

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The Leading Hair Loss Solution in Singapore

Searching for a solution to your partial or permanent hair loss? You’ve come to the right place! From hair thickening solutions and natural hair replacements and even total hair restoration, we are the experts here at Bioskin — so make an appointment with us today!


About Bioskin Medical+ Hair Prosthesis (MHP)

Bioskin Medical+ Hair Prosthesis (MHP) is a non-invasive and dermatologically tested system for partial or total hair restoration that guarantees a natural result. It is a non-surgical and practical hair thickening solution against Alopecia, thinning and baldness.


MHP is a hypoallergenic polyurethane base on which natural human hair shafts are grafted one by one. With the artificial skin as a base, it guarantees complete breathability as it is compatible with our skin while at the same time providing transpiration of the scalp.


The second element of MHP is the hair. The hair that is used for the prosthesis is taken from a bank of European donors, which is 100% natural and has never been chemically treated. It provides the user with ultimate freedom to customize the hair to their desired colour, length and style based on their needs so that they can feel good about themselves with a peace of mind.


With MHP, not only are you able to achieve your desired volume of hair thickness and length, it also provides you with complete functionality – the freedom for you to continue leading a perfectly normal lifestyle with no restrictions imposed. Be free to return to high-impact sports such as diving while keeping the prosthesis intact without going through the need for surgical procedures.


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