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Why MHP?

best facial treatment






      MHP SYSTEM    

- Non-surgical, but have to remove it everyday


- Surgical. Can only be performed by a Trichologist.


- Require a lot of sessions


- Non-surgical 



- Considerably cheap

- Very expensive


- Affordable, reasonable price


Downtime - Scalp not able to breathe - tendency of losing more of your natural hair 

- Transplanted hair might fall out 7-10 days after surgery (known as “shock loss”), causing baldness at the affected area.


- Might experience swelling


- May also experience itchiness - not allowed to scratch


- No down time

Lifestyle and regular sport activities 

- Unable to do many sports, especially extreme ones - wig may fall off easily

- Unable to do sports for at least 1 month. 


- Alcohol and smoking can contribute to poor graft survival too


- Vulnerable recipient area must be shielded from the sun


- Able to practice any type of sports, even sauna, swimming and diving with no restrictions 


- Gives you the ability to lead a perfectly normal lifestyle as MHP is just like your own natural hair 

Daily cleansing

- Unable to bathe normally as the wig has to be removed and washed separately

- Shampoo only 2 days after the surgery. During the process, to take note of cleanliness to avoid damaging the scabs


- Scratching and picking the scabs will damage the transplanted follicles 


- Unable to perform other scalp care treatments for the next 2 to 3 months 


- Shower and bathe as per normal


- Visit the hair salon, style and gel your hair to your desired hairstyle 

Weather suitability

- If the weather is too hot, the scalp will tend to stink due to the perspiration released 

- Avoid sunlight after surgery for 1 month

- Suitable for all weather conditions


- Selling in the Middle East too, temperature is way higher than in Singapore


- Able to resist a range of temperature of -80°C to +80°C. 


External look/ Appearance

- Does not look natural 


- Does not blend in with your existing hair colour and texture

- Will look natural if it is a success

- Very similar to the natural hair as the hair is grafted 1 by 1 by humans and not machines


- Freedom to customize to suit your own desired needs – colour, texture, thickness, colour, curliness and length


Permanent/ Temporary solution - Temporary solution for hair loss - Provided there is no rejection of the transplanted hair

- Ideal for people with Alopecia, thinning hair or are bald


- Permanent solution


- May continue to do other scalp treatments to stimulate natural hair growth

*Results may vary based on individual

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