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Lim Lee Gek

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Contestant : Lim Lee Gek   |   age 35
Problems : Obesity
Flabby arms
Loose fats on tummy
Cellulites on thighs
Results after 3 months : Lost 15kg in weight
Lost 8 inches from waist
Skin is firmer and body is more toned

Lee Gek’s weight problems started because of her unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle. Her favourite foods are fast foods and oily foods. Furthermore, she did not engage in any physical activities. When Lee Gek came to Bioskin, our consultants analyzed her problems and worked out a treatment and diet plan. She underwent 3 months of detoxification and Bio Diathermy treatments and has achieved a weight loss of 15kg and overall inches loss. This is what she said “I am now definitely more confident and I find myself changed not only physically but also as a person!”


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