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Pigmentation Care

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1. Would I get pigmentation the moment I am exposed to the sun?

Pigmentation due to sun is normally referred to as tanning. This will happen to all people who are Type 2 skin and beyond such as Chinese n Malay skin. Type 1 skin will get burn when exposed to too much sun, but will not have pigmentation example Celtic European skin. However, pigmentary problems such as freckles, melasma, PIH etc, must have other associated causes or genetic tendency to be triggered or worsened.


2. Is there anything I could do to prevent it?

Sunblock, sun hat, apparel protection is the best form of protection, thus prevention.


3. Can treatments really help to get rid of all pigmentation?

Treatment can help to manage n clear pigmentary problems but not to get rid of them. Lasers, IPLs and pigment inhibition creams are particularly useful but not curative. The underlying causes must be managed and the skin must be protected from UV and even visible light.


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