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Jean Koh

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Contestant : Jean Koh   |   age 37
Problems : Acne scar
Dark eye circles
Double chin
Flabby arms
Bulging tummy
Results after 2 months : Pimples cleared
Dark eye circles are lightened
Face is lifted and skin elasity improved
Lost 7kg in 2 months
Figure is regained


"Late nights, suppers, snacks, sodas, and lack of exercise has caused my face condition to detoriate and weight to increase by 5kg within 1 month. My health at that time seems to become worse too.


Luckily for me, I took part in the Bioskin, Aunty Lucy Make your Deams Come True show. True enough, the treatments I undergo and their professional advice has allowed me to achieve an even better figure and complexion.


All thanks to Bioskin!'"


Watch how Jean acheive her perfect figure & complexion!



Results vary based on the individual.

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