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Maureen Ang

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Contestant : Maureen Ang   |   age 39
Problems : Obesity
Accumulation of fats by pregnancy
Stubborn fats on thighs
Results after 2 months : Lost 10kg in weight
Lost 6.5" from waist
Body is more toned and contoured


"I used to be slim & pretty. I had lots of suitors when I was young. However, after pregnancy, things started to change. My complexion worsened and started putting on alot of weight.


I lost confidence in my appearance but at time time, my focus is all on my kids well-being. But when I know that Bioskin is recruiting contestants for their show, I decided to give it a try. True enough, it has helped me regain my confidence and I dare to say that I look good now!"


Results vary based on the individual.

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