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Grand Opening of Bioskin's Flagship Store @ Central

02 July 2011

On 2 July 2011, the official opening of Bioskin’s flagship store at Central saw a crowd of more than 150 guests joining in the celebration. The new store covers a total of 7,000 square feet with rooms exquisitely designed to give customers ultimate relaxation while enjoying their treatments.



The event, hosted by Y.E.S. 93.3FM Radio DJ Lin Pei Fen, with guest appearance by Auntie Lucy (character by Y.E.S. 93.3FM Radio DJ, Dennis Chew), drew in crowds coming in as early as 10am! Said Ms Mathilda Koh, CEO of Bioskin Holdings Pte Ltd, “Without the unwavering support of our loyal customer base built over the past 15 years, Bioskin wouldn’t be at its success now. Hence, Bioskin remains true to our commitment towards our customers.”











Attendees on the day got upclose in a talkshow with Bioskin’s CEO Mathilda Koh and Auntie Lucy and got an insight of how Mathilda started out the brand and why Auntie Lucy endorses Bioskin. Mathilda used to be an air stewardess and have very bad skin due to the constant flying and air pressure. It was on one occasion when she was in United States that she chance upon a product which worked very well on her skin. This sparked her interest in learning beauty and she began taking up courses and started having thoughts about opening a beauty salon.


And why did Auntie Lucy chose to be Bioskin’s endorser? Turns out that she tried Bioskin’s treatments and was very impressed with the services and treatments provided. Having gone through the 8 episodes of Bioskin’s latest commission programme – Bioskin, Auntie Lucy Make Your Dreams Come True – Auntie Lucy witnessed the success stories and transformation of all the contestants. This made her even more convinced of how effective Bioskin’s treatments are and thus she is proud to be Bioskin’s endorser.



The mystery guest on that day, Ms Lim Lee Gek, a past contestant from Bioskin’s commission show - Bioskin, Auntie Lucy Make Your Dreams Come True - awed the crowd when she walked onto the stage in her svelte 50kg frame and stood beside her life-sized standee where she weighed 68kg just months back! During the filming of the TV show, Auntie Lucy empathized with Lee Gek as she learnt about the negative impact Lee Gek’s weight and skin problem had on her life. “She is even slimmer now compared to the “After” taken during the program! Lee Gek's determination is indeed a motivation.” exclaimed Auntie Lucy after seeing Lee Gek walk onto the stage. Lee Gek continued to keep up a healthy lifestyle and improve her image despite filming of the TV programme has wrapped up and the crowd witnessed the confidence she exudes as she mingled with the crowd after the talkshow.








With Bioskin’s endorser Auntie Lucy appealing to the mass crowd, the event was interactive and well-received and Bioskin offered all invitees on that day complimentary pampering treats like Express manicure, Hand Paraffin, Shoulder Massage and Foot Pressure Detox.




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