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Cleansing & Toning

Bio Astringent Softener

Bio Astringent Softener


Tightens Skin Pores

Bio Astringent Softener (alcohol free) helps to tighten pores and smoothen skin, giving it a finer, softer texture. It contains herbal extracts and soothing Aloe which effectively help to calm irritations. It is recommended for dry and sensitive skin.


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Chan Date: 06 September 2012
Great toner! Ratings:

This toner has helped me with my enlarged pores. I noticed drastic difference after using a third of the bottle. I just spray 2-3 times directly on the face, no cotton needed which is very convenient. My skin is also less oily, I am purchasing more products for better effects. - definitely repurchasing.

valerie Date: 29 May 2012
No irritations Ratings:

This toner has helped to tighten my pores after cleansing which make my skin looks very clean. Also very good in oil control. I'm glad that it doesnt irritate my skin although i have sensitive skin

Cindy Date: 08 March 2012
Love it! Ratings:

I have been using this toner for about 1 year now and i love it! Astringent toner is very light and what i like is that everytime i use it, my cotton wool is very dirty. It helps to double cleanse my skin. I feel very clean and my face also seems to be less oily.



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