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Hydro Miracle Splash

Hydro Miracle Splash


Intensive Hydro Surge for All Skin Types

A round-the-clock light-weight and velvety replenishing moisturizer that provides intensive hydro surge for all skin types. It repairs your skin by fortifying the skin’s natural lipid moisture barrier. It is specially formulated with antiseptic properties for acne prone skin and effectively clears blackheads and whiteheads. Also suitable for sensitive skin with its calming properties, the unique combination is enriched with anti-aging and anti-oxidant ingredients to promote cell regeneration and combat free radicals to boost your skin’s natural radiance, leaving skin more supple and healthy looking.


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May Fong Date: 17 June 2012
Use it everyday Ratings:

I use hydro miracle splash before I sleep. Next morning when I wake up my skin is still very moisturized, and feel very fresh. Can see that my pores are also tightened

kailing Date: 26 May 2012
lesser blackheads Ratings:

After using hydro miracle, I have lesser blackheads now, which I hated previously because blackheads are a nuisance

nadiah Date: 12 May 2012
comfortable to use Ratings:

Feels very cooling on my skin, very comfortable. It keeps my face hydrated for a long period of time

Grace Date: 23 April 2012
healthier skin Ratings:

Very refreshing and keep my skin very moisturized

Natasha Date: 14 April 2012
Not bad Ratings:

There are some peeling effects on my skin, feel itchy sometimes but it really does keep my face hydrated



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