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Skin Rebirth

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Skin Rebirth uses a multi-source, phase-controlled Fractional Radio Frequency energy that generates pulses of energy into the skin, causing a deep volumetric dermal heating effect that enables collagen remodelling, skin resurfacing and treatment of wrinkles, acne and acne scars. Fractional RF energy is delivered to the skin in a fractional manner via an array of multi-electrode pins.


Skin rebirth, in fact, offers the best facial and wrinkle treatment in Singapore.


Fractional Radio Frequency


Fractional RF energy is emitted by fractional sub-pulses spaced by very short pauses of thermal relaxation time in one treatment pulse. This modality enables to achieve an enhanced effect of deeper penetration and optimized efficacy, with less discomfort to the patient and a deeper gradual dermal effect.


Radio frequency current is delivered sequentially between each of the pin electrodes and the large electrode which surrounds the pin matrix. Due to this design, relatively high RF current densities are formed in the tissue under each pin electrode, resulting in localized fractional treatment micro-wounds in the epidermis which are in direct contact with the electrodes while heat is delivered deeper into the dermis. This fractional manner of energy delivery leaves intact zones in between the targeted areas which serve as a reservoir of healthy cells to promote faster, more effective wound healing.


Shortly after treatment there is moderate skin erythema and edema in the treated zone, which resolves within 5 - 7 days. During the healing phase, small pin-point epidermal crusts appear at each micro-ablated spot. These crusts exfoliate naturally after a few days leading to mild epidermal resurfacing. In the dermis, treatment induces re- modeling of dermal collagen (neocollagenesis) and of other matrix molecules, leading to dermal renewal.


Skin Rebirth is clinically proven for:

  • Skin Renewal
  • Pigmentation / Acne Scar Lightening
  • Lifted V-shaped Face
  • Pores Tightening
  • Wrinkle Reduction


Comparison with Other Technologies



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