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Results for each individual may vary

Thermolipolysis is a full body slimming solution that provides effective and immediate slimming results. It is a combined application of 3 technologies, namely Thermotherapy, Electrotherapy and Mesotherapy. Our remarkable cutting edge machine allows the delivery of these therapies through different functions that enables the modification of programmes.

Customize and choose between 2 in 1 (Thermotherapy and Electrotherapy), or 3 in 1 (Thermotherapy, Electrotherapy and Mesotherapy) based on the specific needs of your body!


Thermotherapy uses therapeutic application of heat to accelerate chemical reactions within the body. This produces arteriole and capillary dilation, resulting in an increase blood flow which aids detoxification and absorption of nutrients at affected areas. Thereafter, fat catabolism stimulated in fat tissues allows the effective breakdown of fats. It is also proven metabolism is increased by 20% to 30%, resulting in further reduction in the volume of fats in the body.

Electrotherapy uses low and medium range electro-stimulation frequencies for lipolysis action. Muscles at affected areas will be soothed and toned.

Mesotherapy consists of the use of medium frequency currents to open temporary micro-pores in the outer layer of the skin and cell membrane. A passage is allowed for both ionic and non-ionic substances, as well as large molecules to enter. As such, the skin will be more absorbent to the nutrients from our in-house “Cocktail Blend” that is specially created to provide yielding slimming results.







*Results may vary based on individual


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