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Bio P2X Pigmentation Face Treatment

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Bio P2X is a breakthrough technology, adopting the big success and excellent results of Photopneumatic Therapy. Bio P2X is created exclusively for Bioskin as an enhanced version that focuses on Asian Skin needs as well as formulated for effective use complementary to Bioskin professional homecare products. Bio P2X is clinically proven to be a painless pigmentation treatment, offered in Singapore, as it is up to 5 times safer and faster.


How Bio P2X works


Bio P2X makes use of a unique mechanism that lifts targets, bringing them closer to the skin’s surface. Skin is momentarily stretched, blood vessels are blanched and competing targets are removed, allowing broadband light to be efficiently and painlessly deposited to the area being treated while protecting normal surrounding skin.

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Clinical Efficacy

  • Visible lightening of pigmentation 2 weeks after first treatment
  • 100% of customers who have experienced other laser or light-based treatments would never go back to other treatments after having experienced Photopneumatic Therapy
  • Majority of customers surveyed in a review study rated Bio P2X as a no-pain treatment

* Novel Photopneumatic Therapy Delivers High-Efficiency Photons to Dermal Targets, Vic Narukar, MD



How exactly are pigmentation spots lightened?


Vacuum activation pulls targets closer to the skin’s surface. As a result energy is able to reach even very deep-set pigmentation, resulting in very effective Hyperpigmentation treatments. Bio P2X delivers powerful Blue & Green light (that is extremely effective for Hyperpigmentation) to reach deep dermal layers without hurting epidermis.


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Difference between Bio P2X and Conventional Phototherapy


Bio P2X Light & Heat Laser
Painless & does not require Cooling Gel Requires Cooling Gel Requires Anaesthetic
Target sites are pulled 50% closer to treatment light for more efficient energy absorption Target sites are treated further away from treatment light Laser beam treat directly on target sites but surrounding tissue may be subjected to thermal damage
Provides Deep Pore Cleansing Does not provide Deep Pore Cleansing Does not provide Deep Pore Cleansing
No Downtime No Downtime Downtime involved
Very low risk of burns Higher risk of superficial burns Higher risk of deep tissue burns


Note: In the course of treatment, the normal response of the skin could include peeling, redness, mild stinging sensation, dryness, itchiness, and surfacing of hidden clogs. These are perfectly normal symptoms indicating the treatment is taking effect on the skin. Consult your Bioskin Beauty Consultant if in doubt.


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