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Oxygen Face Treatment

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Oxygen Face Treatment


Bioskin’s Oxygen Face Treatment adopts the world’s advanced technology with the use ofOxygen Injection Machine’. It can inject oxygen and spurt oxygen with just 1 single machine.


Pollution and dirt from the environment stop the ability to absorb oxygen and decreases oxygen quality while stress and bad diet increase body oxygen needs. The lack of oxygen in our skin leads to a lot of skin problems and causes tiredness and premature ageing. However, with the help of Bioskin’s Oxygen Face Treatment, one will be able to achieve a more heathy-looking skin! This is an all-natural oxygen face treatment that maintains the beauty in your skin by continually keeping your skin hydrated.


How Oxygen Face Treatment Works 


Oxygen Injection Machine uses pure oxygen to inject active Bioskin’s products into the skin’s hypodermis layer in the fastest and most reliable way, making the treatment as comfortable and effective as ever. Since it is able to inject 98% purified oxygen and active nutrition into the skin, this enables the skin to achieve remarkable moisture retention and activates nutrition absorption. By injecting the oxygen into the skin’s hypodermis layer, the cell will be activated and metabolism will be improved. Bioskin’s Oxygen face treatment makes skin younger at an easier rate and it is one of the healthiest beauty care.


Oxygen Face Treatment immediately improves skin textures and suppleness. 


Oxygen Face Treatment actually hydrates the skin by infusing Bioskin’s Bird’s Nest Ampoule and Oxygen Mask.


Bioskin’s Oxygen Mask has incredible regenerative powers as high concentrations of oxygen trigger the body’s own healing functions. We need to replenish the oxygen level into our skin which we lack from the environment.


Bioskin’s Bird’s Nest Ampoule protects skin longevity and combats chronological aging, preserving youthful look and skin vitality.


The Oxygen Mask and Bird’s Nest Ampoule work in conjunction to reach and repair the skin at a cellular level, achieving optimum results. They also work together to eliminates free radicals that cause premature aging, as well as promote the production of collagen and elastin.


Beside promoting retention and preserving moisture, both products have the ability to draw further moisture from the surrounding environment, lock it into the skin, thus increasing the water content of the epidermis which helps to restore full hydration. In short, this technology combines bird’s nest ampoule and oxygen to generate new cells and firms up the skin, giving you a more youthful look.


Skin improvement after 6 weeks


Benefits of Oxygen Face Treatment 

Ø  Improve blood circulation, cellular renewal & metabolism

Ø  Promotes radiance, even skin tone and healthy looking skin

Ø  Healing of skin and reduces skin sensitivity

Ø  Reduce fine lines and wrinkles flexibility

Ø  Skin rejuvenation, remove facial blemishes, deep cleanse and tighten large pores

Ø  Promotes optimum hydration level





Bioskin’s Dermal Peel Face Treatment is a unique acne treatment that utilises a high percentage of salicylic acid. This promotes the exfoliation of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, as well as instigating new skin cell growth and your body’s natural skin renewal process. This helps to remove existing acne scars, spots and other blemishes.


Watch these videos on how the technology has helped many others!




*Oxygen Face Treatment is valid exclusively at Rebirth Outlets Only 






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Agnes Date: 05 January 2015
Fantastic Oxygen Face Treatment Ratings: facial reviews singaporefacial reviews singaporefacial reviews singaporefacial reviews singaporefacial treatment reviews

After doing Bioskin's Oxygen Face Treatment,  I have to say that it gave me a noticeable improvement. With all the oxygen and ampoules incorporated, my skin feels pretty dehydrated and there is really a radiant glow to it. I would definitely do it again!


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