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3-in-1 HQC Treatment

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Indulge in Bioskin’s all new 3-in-1 HQC Treatment that is specially developed for a hassle-free experience that can

pamper you in a single visit!


Bioskin’s 3-in-1 HQC Treatment comprises of:


1. Korean Herbal Hair Colour


Enriched with various herbal plant extracts, the Korean Herbal Hair Colour is a natural form of hair colouring with no pungent chemical smell. It nourishes your hair and does no damage to the scalp.


2. Quick Glow Facial


Choose from a wide range of Bioskin’s most popular facials tailored to suit your skincare concerns!


3. Coconut Scalp Detox Hair Treatment

Coconut oil is a natural remedy that stimulates hair growth, giving you soft and silky hair. Coupled with Bioskin’s signature Lotus Stem Cell Scalp Peeling to exfoliate dead cells, along with a soothing scalp massage, the Coconut Scalp Detox Hair treatment is suitable for those up for a pampering time to regain thick and luscious locks.


Experience this one-of-a-kind treatment performed on Singapore's first ever multi-functional bed!
Triple the power of our treatments combined to unleash the inner confidence in you.


Sign up today and leave it to the good hands of our trusty experts while you enjoy the luxurious pampering process!


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