Tried “Binoitari Super Deluxe – Kogen Herb Tea” that was given to me as a gift from Bioskin during my last facial appointment. This post is not a paid advertorial, neither a sponsored post as bioskin did not ask me to do a review on it! I was informed that the detox tea taste sort of yucky but imho it just taste like the usual Japanese tea that I had in a ryokan during my stay in Japan, but way more intense yet not bitter. Luckily, cos I can’t take bitter!

I drank Kogen detox tea before bedtime, except on days which I have to go out. I don’t recommend anyone to drink it if you have things on the next day, unless you want to risk shitting in your pants while finding for public washroom.
The same thing happened for 5 days during my Kogen detox mission, everyday when I woke up I’ll feel a need to make a run to the toilet. Also, only the first and second day scare the shit out of me (no pun intended), I was shocked to see how much it, erm… cleanse and detoxify my entire body. Guess this proved that this detox tea really does it job!

Be prepared to go to the bathroom a few times after drinking it,
NOT recommended to drink it if you’re going out the next day!

But each day my bm gets lesser and it was probably cos I’ve released all the colon waste and discharge most of the toxins in me. Which is a good thing!!!! As I feel cleaner and healthier, it’s always good to cleanse your body once in a while!

No controlled food choice are needed to see the result, couldn’t remember all the food I had for the past 5 days but it’s mostly oily food such as curry fish head, mutton briyani, BBQ chicken sticks and some deep-fried chicken with dried chili and spices… Yums! I tend to take detox tea for granted all the times and I think it shouldn’t work that way. lol

On a side note, I realized that kogen detox tea doesn’t cause bad stomach-ache or cramps as compared to SkinnyMint Improved Formula which I bought for myself to try, because the older version worked amazing for me. But when I’m on SkinnyMint Improved Formula, the night cleanse tend to make me wake up from my sleep because of the cramps.

C O M P A R I S O N :

Here is a little comparison for you to have a better idea of what’s the differences between this 2 brands that I’ve tried. You can’t really find any review on Kogen Herb Tea as Bioskin didn’t advertise it as much as Skinny Mint. So I guess Bioskin might prefer people to spread by words of mouth for it?

Kogen Herb Tea is safe to be consumed everyday.

I did recommend Kogen Herb Tea to my friends and most of them think that the price is quite pricey as compared to Skinny Mint. A whopping $328.10 difference, I wished that the price would be cheaper so that more people will be able to try it for themself. A promotion or trial price for first time buyer would be nice right?

Ordered Bootea 14 day Textox on 27th of March! Can’t wait to receive it!!!
I’ll do a proper and better review after my parcel is here!!!!

Results vary based on the individual.