Hello!!! Apologies for the long hiatus :S I know I’m always starting my posts with
apologies for the lack of post, *sobs* but I honestly have been so busy these days I can’t imagine
how I’ve been coping with all the workload, I amaze myself sometimes LOL

so anyhoos I’m back with a long post today! So sit back and enjoy πŸ˜€
today I’ll be sharing my recent experience with Bioskin with you!

Woke up early and headed to Bioskin for my treatment!
Pearline (Marketing Personnel for Bioskin) was really nice to arrange a location close to Haji
for me and to my convenience (cos I had work after)
hence I was posted to the outlet at Raffles Place, Chevron House

As soon as I stepped into the place I was blown away by the interior decor of the waiting area.
Definitely did not look like a treatment parlor at all, it was decorated to look very “zen” haha
It has a balinese/resort feel, everything is there to maximise your comfort and visit with them


I thought it was a really smart move as you know how busy the CBD area can get?
for those who patronizes Bioskin for the treatments, immediately you step into a whole different
surrounding! From the hustle and bustle – to the peace and serenity! Just like that ;D

Check out the walkway to the treatment rooms, decor effort 101%! Me likey ;D
Here below is a shot of my room,

I love how the beds have a heated blanket to keep us warm throughout our treatment!
I hate it when sometimes I go for facials and the room gets super cold, despite a blanket it still
is? Bioskin has a heated blanket laid out so you lie on it and it keeps your whole body warm πŸ™‚

The Treatment – Bio P2X Hair Removal
I guess the title says it all, my treatment would be the removal of hair from my pipits hehe!
In general I don’t have a bush growing out of my underarms, so I am able to get rid of them easily with a pair of tweezers! However, it’s still a hassel to do so (for lazy peeps like me) so I was super happy to be able
to try out this treatment and hopefully rid my pits of hair… Forever!

Once inside, the consultant would analyze my underarms (hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha)
and tell me if I had any problem areas…. areas that required extra treatment etc.
She was also really nice and patient with explaining the steps and procedure of my treatment!

Initially I thought the Bio P2X treatment would be like IPL but Pearline later explained that
the Bio P2X is totally different as it IPL is just making use of a light and penetrating it towards
your skin/follicles however it wouldn’t be as efficient as the Bio P2X as the machine lifts your hair follicles, bringing them closer to the skin’s surface, allowing the light to penetrate nearer and deeper into your skin concentrating on the exact areas and painlessly destroying unwanted hairs!

Sounds confusing? Let’s me bring through my treatment!
(also exposing my pipits to public so you guys can get a better understand…
DON’T JUDGE MY PITS wahahahahhaha)

So here was the start, cleansing my underarms and prepping for the treatment

Shaving any stray or random strands of annoying hair, haha I was so scared it would hurt (LOL)
cos I’ve never shaved my pits before. Hehe but surprisingly i barely felt anything~

Followed by the Dermabrasion Treatment
I love this treatment!!! I’ve done this on my face before so I was damn excited to do it
on my underarms! LOL basically what the machine does is gently exfoliating, removing and vacuuming the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. At the same time promoting growth and
skin rejuvenation! It also helps with the regeneration of new skin cells
Say hello to smoother and fairer underarms!!! πŸ™‚

And then for the real deal, the BIO P2X Hair Removal Treatment

As you can see, the device used it the one that’s doing the awesome deed of ridding my pits of
unsightly and unwanted hair! All the goodness in one small machinery, awesome!
What it does is it gently “vacuums” the area it is being directed on bringing it closer,
followed by using a beam of light to penetrate into my skin. It is that simple!

On the pain scale this treatment would be 2/10!
Not painful but you can feel the vacuum sucking your pits upwards, haha so if you wanna feel
what it feels like before going for the treatment maybe you can try using a vacuum on your pits…

I am so kidding

but no really.
You can if you want, just make sure no one sees what you’re doing? Hahahaha

overall it was a really fast and gentle treatment, so harmless that I kinda dozed off~

After the treatment, my underarms were treated to a Custom-blended Whitening Mask!

I found this super amusing as I’ve been masking my face a lot but it has never crossed my mind
that on that very fine day I would be masking my pipits!

The mask helps with softening my skin and hydrating it, at the same time the whitening properties
it has helps promote fairer skin

Leaving it on for about 10 mins on both sides so my skin can absorb the goodness from the mask!
It’s always good to treat your skin to masks after doing treatments,
be it for you face or in my case – my underarms! Hehe

Ginseng ampoule with Cold Bar
After the mask, Ginseng Ampoule was applied on my underarms!
GINSENG!!! Bioskin has definitely spoilt my pipits, Hahahaha β™₯β€Ώβ™₯

The Ginseng Ampoule helped to calm and soothe my skin!
If I’m not wrong I was told that I had slightly sensitive skin so to ensure my skin wouldn’t be irritated
by the treatment the ampoule is applied to help πŸ˜€

Followed by the use of the Cold Bar, basically it’s just a machine with a really cold surface
that is used to massage the ampoule into your skin maximizing the effects of calming and
soothing the skin and at the same time stabilizing it πŸ™‚

Overall I had a great experience with Bioskin and I’ve to say the treatment was a very
comfortable and satisfying one ;D
Initially I was quite scared as I’ve done facials, waxing… all kinds of treatments on my body
but I’ve never done anything to my underarms! Plus I’m actually damn sensitive there so to have someone touching it so much…. I was quite scared at the thought of it. (LOL I’m weird I know)

But the consultant – Nina and my therapist – Kelly, was really gentle and friendly so it was really
easy to open up to them and have them literally staring and working on my pipits

Me with Nina (above) and Katlyn (below)

Not exaggerating or being dramatic here but the results are astonishing!!!
Everyday I check my pipits and I have to say the just 1 treatment itself have been effective
to a large extent! From the date of my treatment (30th Oct) till date, I barely have new strands
of hair growing!
Usually I pluck new ‘budding’ strands of hair every 2-3 days, and mind you those ‘budding’ hair is the short and stubborn kind… So damn annoying!!!
But now I’ve only really plucked like once this week and it’s not like I needed to but I just wanted to be kpo/itchy hand and see if the hair is really weakened and true enough is it!!!!!!

I mean I can literally just scratch my skin a little and it comes off :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Now I’m gonna rave about this treatment to everyone!!!!!

For those who’re interested in getting the BIO P2X Treatment you can call any BIOSKIN outlets
directly to enquire and head down for a complimentary analysis so you can be advised on a treatment which is suitable for your skin type
Mine is also a customized treatment specially put together to ensure the
finest for my underarms!
(click for the list of the BIOSKIN outlets and contact no.)

I would highly recommend this to those who’re looking at ridding your underarm hair for good ;D
Not only you’ll be saving yourself the trouble of constantly plucking/shaving/waxing
your pipits would also look fairer and smoother! Not to mention clean as well ;D

I am really happy with my experience and thankful for the team at Bioskin for taking care of me
and my underarms!!! Heh now I can fling my arms any-o-how and not care what the world will think of my pits!

οΌΌ(^Ο‰^οΌΌ) (〃^βˆ‡^)οΎ‰ οΌΌ(^Ο‰^οΌΌ) (〃^βˆ‡^)οΎ‰

Results vary based on the individual.