Friends and BF knows I’m a skin care junkie. Im always worried about having freckles (actually i had some on my cheeks cos i used to tan once a week ! ) , wrinkles , dry skin etc. Im glad that i don’t have pimples and i don’t want to have that in future !

Im already in my mid 20s and I’m pretty concerned about maintaining my own skin. I wash my face twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night before i sleep. Cleanse, Tone , Essence and Moisturise. Im currently using Laneige products because i love the water bank series and i mask my face everyday with their sleeping mask. Even though i instilled discipline on my daily facial routine , i still go for facial once a month. Why ? There are some dirts or impurities which we cannot just get it out via off the counter facial products !

Im glad that Bioskin offered full facial treatment for me at their branch in Orchard Central and I’m loving their services and all ! The massages , gold mask etc. Not only that , they even massage scrub your shoulders for you. So shook and i actually fell asleep !

Gold Deluxe Facial Treatment with Nano Gold Serum

Gold Deluxe Face Treatment is a high quality beauty skin treatment made with nanotechnology, which allows the main ingredients such as nano-gold, amino acid, collagen, coenzyme Q10, arbutin to be absorbed into your skin completely and instantly. This nano-action from the gold mask plates will provide necessary beauty and nutritional components to help the skin return to the firmness of your youth, yet soft to the touch by maintaining the moisture.

The Gold mask penetrates into the skin to accelerate to the cell growth of the basal layer to regenerate skin cells, as well as slowing down the phagocytosis of the existing collagen and elastin to prevent the skin from sagging and premature aging.

This treatment is also highly effective in penetrating small pores and disinfecting your skin to reduce pore size.

Products used:
– 24k – 99.99% Gold Leaf (Stable Metal)
– Nano Gold Serum (Amino acid, Nano Gold, Collagen, Coenzyme Q10 & Arbutin)

Yes ! I can feel the therapist peeling off the gold leaf and pasting them on my skin. having gold leaf on your skin feels soooo like a queen yeah ? The gold components penetrates into the skin and stimulate the production of collagen making your skin supple, radiant and smooth.

Before starting the facial treatment , beauty consultant Nicole took me to the room to examine my skin. Only problem i have are the freckles on my cheeks and pores at the side of the nose. So far my skin is pretty good. After that she will recommend the kind of facial treatment just right for my skin.



Next time up i was brought to the room for the facial treatment. Walked past their lounge area. Looks a bar !

Changed to the sarong robe and ready for my treatment.


The room light was lightly dimmed and best of all they don’t do extractions ! Instead , they scrubbed it off or used machines to scrub off the dirt. I hate extractions. It’s very painful and made my pores even bigger.

The room smells really good and relaxing due to the Lavender Essential Oil used. It helps to destress and make you feel relax.

The therapist will then do some head and shoulder massages for de-stress.

Next was the make up removal . Before facial , you need to get rid of every trace of make up . Bioskin uses gentle make up remover to remove your make up before you start cleansing !

After removing make up is the CLEANSE and SCRUB part. I love cleansing and scrubbing my skin actually. Makes me feel clean and less oily lol. Therapist was gentle with the scrubbing

Then it is the facial massage with Dry Skin Facial Massage Oil around your cheeks , neck , eyes and under chin.

Its face cleansing time after the massage !. Feels soft and smooth. Not only do we need to take care of our face , we need to take care of our neck and shoulder area as well. You dont wanna look young and yet having saggy necklines and shoulders right.

Next is to apply the face mask with white allure. This product helps in whitening and reduces wrinkle. Women are prone to winkles on the eye and smile area. Hence this face mask really helps alot.

Like how they not only concentrate on the face but on the shoulders and neck as well. Had shoulder and neck massage with Lavender Essential oil. You know most girls only cleanse , tone and moisturize their face.. But they forgot about their neck and shoulders. Infact you should apply tones and moisturizer to your neck as well. Because the neck area will age faster than your face ! Again , cleasing time for shoulders and neck after the oil masssage. Feeling relax and clean. It ended with body mist and baby powder

Oh i love this part because the Ginseng smells really good. It’s the Ginseng Ampoule and Cold Bar with Nano Gold Serum. The gold serum allows better absorption for the gold plates later on.

Next , therapist slowly place the gold leaves on my skin one by one. Feels luxurious and good. It was accompanied by hotsteam to allow better absorption .

Instead of peeling off the gold leaves , it was penetrated into the skin with the use of Nano Gold Serum.

After the entire facial treatment , had the following applications :
Soothing gel
Eye Serum
Lip Cream – Oh love their lip cream..smells good and moisturise the lips

Little spray of hair mist so that i can walk out smelling nice.


And then a scalp massage


After the whole facial treatment , was given a few mins of back and shoulder massage. shiokness. Skin looks much more radiant and clean now. Just apply my eyeliner after the facial treatment and no foundation or blushers. Skin looks so good

If only my skin looks that radiant forever ! Lol…will definitely go back to BIOSKIN again !

Results vary based on the individual.