What’s a Taitai (aka lady of leisure) lifestyle without facial? Albeit, Taitai-dom is still a dream, it’s never too early to have a taste of quality facial at BioSkin @ The Central.

BioSkin @ The Central

So, there I was at the classy beauty center for their new and highly acclaimed Skin Rebirth Treatment. I grew up watching Zoe Tay’s dramas, so when I heard that she is the brand ambassador for and has personally benefited from the treatment, I was more than keen to experience it too.

Winnie, the beautician explained the process and benefits of the treatment to me with professionalism and patience. She told pains to draw diagram, show me videos and information on the iPad to assure me that the treatment is safe and non-invasive.

Fun Fact: There are 4 levels of treatment for Skin Rebirth. Zoe Tay took Power 4. After analyzing my skin conditions, Winnie recommended me to tray Power 1.

Classy and comfortable interiors

That’s me, unedited. The white substance on my face is numbing cream. As the name suggests, it helps to numb my skin. I wear it on my face for 20 mins before it is removed.

The numbing cream was quintessential if you are like me, has a low threshold for pain. Depending on the intensity of the treatment you choose, expect some minor pricking pain during treatment.

BioSkin Skin Rebirth uses Fractional Radio Frequency for treatment

This is the machine used.

“So, what is exactly is Skin Rebirth and what’s so great about it?” If you have the same query as I did, here’s a little something about it :

Skin Rebirth uses a multi-source, phase-controlled Fractional Radio Frequency energy to penetrate deep into the skin in order to enable collagen re-modelling, skin resurfacing and treatment of wrinkles, acne and acne scars.

“How does Fractional RF works?” I thought I heard you say.
Fractional RF energy is emitted by fractional sub-pulses spaced by very short pauses of thermal relaxation time in one treatment pulse. This modality enables to achieve an enhanced effect of deeper penetration and optimized efficacy, with less discomfort to the patient and a deeper gradual dermal effect.

Here’s a little something I’ve taken from their brochure, comparing the various type of skin renewal treatments.

So, who is suitable for the Skin Rebirth treatment? Let’s look at what is BioSkin Rebirth recommended for to decipher that.

– Skin Renewal
– Pigmentation / Acne Scar Lightening
– Lifted V-shaped Face
– Pores Tightening

My face right after the treatment, unedited and no filter used. It was slightly red and sore but still okay for me to do a little shopping right after the treatment.

It is normal for skin to experience some redness after the treatment. Some mild scabbing might follow a couple of days later. Newly treated skin would require careful care and protection, thus, the good folks at BioSkin have very generously given me a homecare pack.

Homecare Pack – includes soothing mask, moisturizer and spray-on sunblock.

I put on the Cool Pack Soothing Mask the very night I had my treatment. It’s a little wet and drippy but it’s worth every bite of it. Here’s how I look the morning after.

No make-up, unedited photo. As you can see, most of the swelling has subsided.

Me at an event at MBS hours later. The redness was almost un-noticeable under a layer of light make-up.

If you are on the fence, wondering if BioSkin Skin Rebirth is for you, here’s a good opportunity to give it a try at a discounted cost.

Promotion from Bioskin: 1x Skin Rebirth + Cryo Splash @ $38 (Incl GST $40.66)

Want to find out more? Why not hear it from BioSkin directly at their FB Page here.

Disclaimer: Products and services were provided by BioSkin for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. Absolutely, no monetary compensation was received.

Results vary based on the individual.