1. WHAT TYPE OF TECHNOLOGY DO YOU USE? AbsTrim invests in machines that have been tested through clinical studies, researches [...]

Unlike traditional acupuncture, AcuStimulator is a pain-free and needle-less process. With a combination of 3 effective slimming solutions: Chinese traditional [...]

Achieve desirable body slimming and contouring results with Electro Therapy! This treatment provides you with effective detoxification results for your [...]

Foot Pressure Detox is an effective, automatic lymphatic drainage and circulation system that uses air compression technology. The pumping effect [...]

  Thermolipolysis is a full body slimming solution that provides effective and immediate slimming results. It is a combined application [...]

Shock Therapy is a non-invasive sound wave-based solution that has been adapted from physiotherapy treatments for conditions such as tendonitis [...]