Vital Heat Touch Therapy

Magic Touch is a safe, non-invasive and zero-downtime treatment combining Multi-Polar Radiofrequency(RF), Magnetic Pulse Therapy and VariPulse technologies. The Multi-Polar RF and Magnetic Pulse field deliver fast and homogenous heating deep in the dermis, the skin’s lower layer. The VariPulse technology gives adjustable pulsed negative and positive pressure, similar to that in a mild massage- for deep energy penetration and circulation for repair to the treated area.

This facial treatment is carried out by our therapists while wearing a watch that transmits RF energy. The heat produced is transferred onto you through a warm, soothing massage.

A non-invasive and FDA approved skin rejuvenation and skin tightening face treatment that uses a multi-source, phase-controlled Fractional Radio Frequency energy source that generate pulses of energy into the skin, causing a deep volumetric dermal heating effect that restructures the collagen layers and result in skin tightening and lifting.

Micro-Fractional Ablation is also done by removing damaged skin cells on the upper layers of the skin to allow new skin resurfacing or regrowth












Benefits of Cell Reborn

  • Skin surface is smoothened and more radiant due to micro-fractional ablation
  • Scars