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Beautiful, firmer and bigger breasts are what many women dream of. Until now, plastic surgery and implants were the only solution. However, operations are not only expensive, the results might not always be the desired ones and the long-term effects on health are unknown.

Modern women today are particularly sentient about breast care, as an aspect of overall health as well as personal aesthetics. However, the desire to make the most of this perceptible feminine feature may induce risks and long-term damage to their breasts.

Additional causes that can compromise the health of the breasts are issues that women are truly becoming aware of; Pre-menstrual congestion, poor diet, poor posture, and even the possibility of excess waste products from the lungs becoming lodged in the fatty tissue of the breasts.

The bra has come under question, with the underwire and tight fit potentially restricting natural lymph flow.

Bioskin introduces a painless and non-surgical alternative to breast enhancement and aids in the overall improvement of breast health issues.

With the use of Bioskin’s in-house MEMF super lifting machine and self heating mask, effectively stimulates tissue regeneration, muscle contraction and oxygenation which boost the immune system and improve lymphatic drainage

One of the technique to induce lactation is through bust therapy  as massaging your breasts will clear the milk ducts and get the milk flowing more freely, which will help empty the breasts and therefore trigger a higher milk production. With bust therapy, it can help to relief of engorgement and unblock plugged milk glands, which is a common problem for first time mothers.


Bioskin's Bust Super Maximizer Therapy promotes cleansing and opening of drainage pathways that’s aids the breast lobules by decreasing the accumulated waste products.The therapy aids in the rejuvenation of the breast, as well as assisting the body to reduce the formation of any cysts in the area.

It also helps to reduce the risks of breast cancer by improving the immune system and by moving lymph fluids through lymph nodes under the arms.

All women can reap the benefits of Bioskin Bust therapy because healthy breast care is the best defence against breast cancer.



·  Improve lymphatic drainage which reduce Lobules congestions
·  Improvement of milk supply to prepare for pregnancy
·  Early detection of unusual lumps inside busts
·  Reduces the discomforts of pregnancy, breastfeeding, weaning
·  Reduces congestion
·  Reduce Edema
·  Improve Lymphedema



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