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DTM Deluxe 4 In 1

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Check out Bioskin’s latest advent in fat reduction technology: our cutting-edge DTM Deluxe 4 in 1 treatment! Our DTM Deluxe 4 in 1 treatment is a comprehensive solution to your beauty slimming and body contouring concerns. Comprising of a combination of Radio Frequency, Cyclone, Endo and Chromo therapies, it is an all-in-one set of slimming therapies designed exclusively to increase the speed and effectiveness of breaking down stubborn fat cells, as well as allow them to drain out of your body as painlessly as possible. Our DTM Deluxe 4 in 1 treatment is a unique, total beauty slimming solution available only from us in Singapore. Our treatment is so effective that we promise you’ll be able to spot highly visible results.  

The DTM Deluxe 4 in 1 Features:

  • Radio Frequency Therapy – This therapy causes heat to be generated in localised, targeted areas of fatty body tissue, penetrating the skin from a possible depth of 1 to 6mm. The heat from the Radio Frequency Therapy results in an immediate effect of contraction for both tissue fibres and collagen tissue, giving you the contoured and slimming result you’ve always wanted.
  • Endo Therapy - Endo Therapy employs suction to a localised area, with the vacuum effect improving penetration from the other therapies as well as increasing your metabolism on a dermal level, making the breaking down of fat cells and cellulite tissue faster and more effective.
  • Cyclone Therapy - Cyclone Therapy makes use of the action of twisting massage that is effective in increasing the speed of which stubborn fat cells in problem areas can be broken down. It also removes cellulite tissue in hard to reach areas like the back of the thigh, making it a crucial therapy and the ultimate in body contour technology. It is also fully customisable to suit your individual body type and needs.
  • Chromo Therapy - Chromo Therapy is used to detox your body and purge harmful impurities. It opens up the pores of your skin in order to cause a faster, more efficient way of mobilising dissolved triglycerides in your body. Chromo Therapy achieves this effect through deeper, better penetration into the epidermal and dermal layers of your skin. It works perfectly with DTM to remove toxins and unwanted fats from the body.



DTM Deluxe 4 in 1 is a highly effective treatment for the following:

  • Love Handles Reduction
  • Fat Reduction
  • Cellulite Treatment
  • Face and Body Lifting and Firming
  • Unblocks Localized Water Retention
  • Stretch marks
  • Appearance of Unwanted Fats In Stubborn Areas

Be certain to witness amazing slimming results that are safe, comfortable and highly-efficient!


Difference between traditional radio frequency and Bio DTM


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Watch these videos on how the technology works!


**DTM Deluxe 4 in 1 is available at Tampines 1 and Toa Payoh outlets only.**

*Results may vary based on individual