Bioskin’s Medical Nano Cell Therapy is a premium treatment which offers an effective penetration of Nano Cell Extracts into deep dermis layer. This treatment is especially effective on various targeted areas on the face and neck. Target areas include fine wrinkles on delicate regions (crow’s feet), deep wrinkles on neck, cheeks and forehead as well as pigmentation spots.

Nano Cell Extracts

Nano Cell Extracts are organ-specific cell extracts that compose of molecules of stem cell. They are only approximately 3 nanometres in size (in contrast with our human pore size of 50-100 nanometres). This gives the cell extracts the ability to penetrate into deep layers of our skin to perform functions like repair and regeneration. One noteworthy point is that such micro cell extracts are sterile and free of any large proteins that could cause immune reaction and therefore suitable for all skin types. Other than bringing about a total body regeneration from within, the cell extracts also provide beautification on the superficial external attributes. Apart from direct implantation into the skin, Nano Cell Extracts are of such high standards that they can also be taken orally (according to proper instructions).

At Bioskin, we offer 2 types of Nano Cell Extracts – Placental and Mesenchyme

Placental – Placental Nano Cell Extracts are effective for regeneration and revitalization. They have an ability to replace damaged or lost tissues. The extracts will enter the deep layer of dermis and hypodermis to generate effective self-renewal of the cells and aid in the healing of wounds.

Mesenchyme – Mesenchyme Nano Cell Extracts’ core functions are lifting and firming. For a treatment to work or be effective, it must be able to penetrate into the dermis layer of our skin. Any treatment that works on just the skin surface may only improve the appearance of the skin temporarily and will not have lasting impact. Mesenchyme cell extracts are so refined that it allows the deep layers of our skin to completely absorb the cell extract to create firmness within the skin.

“Life comes from cells, aging begins with cells”. Talk to our friendly consultants before your ageing process begins to take shape.

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