Stem Cell Collagen Drink


Achieve outstanding results with this simple, non-invasive collagen replacement drink.

Transforming the way you look after your body

Taking their cues from the belief that beauty comes from within, Bioskin has created a revolutionary way to replace the collagen your skin loses as you age. It is a known fact that we need to ensure that our internal system is hale and hearty so as to attain healthy skin and body. Stem cell facial and slimming treatments can cure the visible symptoms but if we have accumulated a lot of toxins in our body without treating it using the proper supplements, our system will continue to be unhealthy and the same visible problems will just keep recurring.

Unlike many others, Bioskin Stem Cell Collagen utilizes premium and beneficial ingredients to give you maximum results. Other than collagen and stem cells, the drink contains at least 10 other main ingredients that will have a huge beneficial impact on your skin and health. By detoxifying and strengthening your body’s natural regenerative capabilities, this drink not only works to replace the collagen your body loses as you age, but it also optimizes your physical health.

Offering numerous health benefits

800x more effective than CoQ10, 6000x greater than Vitamin C and 550x more powerful than Green Tea Catechins.

Specially formulated by Bioskin and wholly made in Japan, Bioskin Stem Cell Collagen drink only contains premium healthy ingredients with no added sugar or artificial flavours. The reviews say it all, Bioskin is the best collagen drink on the Singapore market as it repairs your skin from within using a revolutionary formula which will shave years off your look and leave you with a smooth, glowing visage.

To learn more about this drink, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 6222 6777 or by making an appointment at one of the Bioskin branches.

*Results vary based on individual.


Bioskin Stem Cell Collagen is wholly formulated and made in Japan with 10 main active ingredients to provide your body with all of the nutrients it needs to remain youthful and healthy both inside and out. Other than the collagen and stem cell ingredients, the drink contains at least 10 other main ingredients capable of transforming your skin and health.


The sophisticated ingredients which complement the stem cells and collagen in this drink each have their own unique set of benefits. The following is a review of the ingredients in our drink and the special properties they possess.

Stem cells are in essence the building blocks which make up your skin. Unlike other cells, they can adapt to replace damaged or diseased cells. Stem cells can also proliferate over long periods to create many millions of new cells. As we age, our stem cells become less effective at repairing the damage done to our skin cells which results in imperfections. The regenerative power of stem cells comes from their growth factors which are essential for dividing and creating cells. They also play a role in the production of collagen, elastin, and other proteins which help to regulate the division.
Our stem cells come from the ingredient which is Pearl Coix.

Collagen is essential for beautiful and healthy skin as our skin dermis is largely made up of collagen so it is important to combine the ingredient Elastin and Vitamin C for collagen regeneration and retention.

  • The maximum our body can absorb is 5,000mg Collagen
  • 5000mg is recommended but 10,000mg can give better and faster results
  • Overdose of collagen causes calcium build-up that can cause muscle aches and pain, irregular heart beat and constipation. This is why Bioskin Stem Cell Collagen drink only offers 5000mg
  • In terms of absorbency, fish collagen is the best type to use
  • When a woman reaches 25 years old, collagen is lost 5 times faster.
  • Collagen needs to be taken alongside hyaluronic acid to bind the skin molecule structure together


Astaxanthin possesses super antioxidant properties to reduce the signs of aging by fighting free radicals. Astaxathin is also sun care protectant that blocks the skin surface from UV rays and converts them to nutrients.


Hyaluronic acid is responsible for the skin’s ability to hold moisture and produce lubrication in the body. A lack of lubrication in a woman’s body will cause hormones like estrogen, to decline and this leads to early menopause which causes women to age faster and their overall constitution to weaken.

Biotin improves the nervous system as well as hair health, it thickens nail cuticles and prevents breakages.

Niacin assists in regulating brain function, improving blood circulation and skin health, increasing memory retention and aiding digestion as well as the absorption of minerals, proteins and fats.

Ceramides are a fat molecule which exist in the top layer of your skin. They play a role in the skin’s natural barrier functions (to protect the dermis from irritation due to SLS etc.) as well as maintaining skin hydration.

Last but not least, egg white lysozyme, an enzyme found in egg whites helps destroy bacteria and eliminates infection, especially bacteria that causes acne.


If you would like to learn more about why ours is the best collagen drink in Singapore, or are interested in leaving a review, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us by calling 6222 6777.


By bioskin / July 31, 2017


Was invited to Bioskin’s pop up store at Robinson’s Raffles City, Level 1 with Yutaki. Their collagen drink have been raved by many bloggers and special thanks to their CEO Mathilda for sharing it with me, some of you may find Bioskin Stem Cell Collagen familiar as it have been showing on television and magazines! You can check out my twinnie yutaki review on it at here too!

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By bioskin / March 23, 2012


Hello!!!! Back to introduce a great new collagen drink from Bioskin! The StemCell Plus Collagen Drink from Bioskin! Been introducing many ways to look better with maintenance and treatment skincare, but what actually works from within us, it’s actually things we consume, looking pretty, depends on what we eat too!

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By bioskin / March 22, 2012


So I met up with lady boss of Bioskin, Mathilda, awhile back at The Central outlet just before I went for my monthly facial. Mathilda was sharing with me their new product, the Stem Cell+ Collagen Drink.

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By bioskin / March 20, 2012


Like most ladies out there, I'm constantly on the lookout for new products to combat aging & look much younger than I really am. Of course with BIOSKIN'S monthly P2X/STEM CELL FACIAL, I must say my skin is really looking fine. But with that non-veggie diet of mine (it's been 20 years), can you picture the amount of toxins I've accumulate in my body?

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What is the difference between your collagen drink and the existing ones in the market?
Other collagen drink contains a high mg of collagen but that should not be the main selling point for collagen drinks. A lot of collagen drinks in the market claim to have high dosage of Collagen, however their other ingredients are less than desired. More often than not they contain sweeteners and juice and one that drinks these collagen daily will gradually see a weight increase.

Bioskin’s Stem Cell Collagen drink is purely formulated with the best ingredients without artificial sweeteners and is fully made in Japan.


How long do I need to take Stem Cell Collagen drink to see results?
The quality of your skin would not deteriorate immediately after you stop taking the drink. However, as collagen and other nutrients are constantly discharged from our body, it would be beneficial to drink a bottle every night. To see faster results, you may take 2 bottles daily, once in the morning and once at night.
You should be able to feel the difference in 10 days and see visible results in 3 months*


I am still very young, why do I have to consume the Stem Cell Collagen drink?
When we are young, our skin is made up of 80 percent collagen. After the age of 25, we lose it at the rate of about one percent a year. The result is the twin curses of wrinkles and saggy skin.
However in reality, it is never too young to start worrying about that. Collagen is designed to help prevent fine lines and age spots. To make sure you have extra nutrient reserves in your body, you need to start consuming the necessary ingredients needed to lock in collagen. Which is why Bioskin Stem Cell Collagen is formulated with the necessary ingredients your body needs. Anti aging supplements is not for older women, its for younger women to start.


Will I put on weight after consuming your drink?
Since there are no artificial sweeteners and juice present in our drink, there is minimal calories compared to other similar products in the market.


I have sensitive skin and often face pimple problems. Is it suitable for me to drink?
Our ingredients contain nutrients such as Ceramide, Biotin and Vitamin C, which can cure skin inflammation.
Ingredients like Astaxanthin and Egg White Lysozyme also have a skin detox effect.
Coupled with Ceramide, Pearl Coix, and Hyaluronic Acid, it works to restore the skin’s PH to prevent pimples and also to lighten scars and pigmentation.


Do men need collagen?
Men have a very gradual decline in testosterone (also a collagen supporter) as their testicles do not have a programmed retirement. Thus compared to women, men naturally have a higher level of collagen, but bad habits like smoking, alcohol, late nights, poor nutrition will lead to decline of collagen.
Males can typically absorb nutrients and collagen better than their female counterparts, thus you can see the effects faster.
Bioskin’s Stem Cell Collagen drink works to repair muscle damage and boosts cartilage production after exercise, as well as reducing hair loss.


* Results may vary with individuals