Age: 26
Problems: Obesity

Flabby arms

Loose fats and skin around tummy

Cellulites on thighs

Oily skin

Pimples, blackheads & scars

Results after 4 months:

Lost 14kg in weight

Lost 9 inches from waist

Body is more toned and contoured

Skin is less oily

Pimples cleared & scars lightened

“My size and sagging skin had been a topic amongst my friends for years. Despite going for dance classes or eating less, I still could not see results. Now, I am glad to join the Bioskin programme! My body is shapelier and firmer and I definitely speak with more confidence!'”



Wendy, a satisfied client of Bioskin. Read what she has to say even after the contest.

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“Thank you for the great services provided by you guys! The overall environment & ambience for both outlets are amazing. The decor are nice & gives people a very relaxing effect. There are always smiles on the consultants and therapist’s faces, giving me very good first impression. The consultants (like Verni / Vivian) are very professional & recommended very good products that is catered to my skin type. Detailed explanations of the usage was given too! The therapists are polite & sensitive to the client’s needs.

With proper collaboration between the client & their consultants, the slimming programs have yield great results for me. 10kg++ is not easy to lose & I made it with their help. The sessions were relaxing with no discomfort. Painless but effect P2X, removes dirts from pores without leaving any scars. My oily/acne prone skin condition have greatly improved with their facial sessions. The shoulder massage that accompanies the facial are carried out by trained personnels, & the result is a stress free state where all your muscle tension are removed. Scalp therapy is one of my favourite. The relaxing sessions can literally perks you to sleep & drains away all tension from a day’s stress. You’ll definitely want to have more. Oh yes, their hair removal packages are worth the investments too!

An Impressive Job done! Well done guys!”

Results vary based on the individual.